Customers bash Eric Tsang for promoting supposedly fake goods

16 Jul 2020 / 15:21 H.

Some celebrities have started to produce or promote liguor brands and Hong Kong veteran actor Eric Tsang has also joined the fray.

Just to be clear, Eric Tsang did not produce the array of liquors he promoted but it received wide reception when he livestreamed the products on Douyin.

During the livestream, Eric Tsang promoted 22 types of alcohol including red and white wine, beer and the famous liquor brand from mainland China, Wuliangye.

Other than that, he also recommended food products such as duck neck and crayfish during the 4.5hour long livestream event. It’s said the livestream alone managed to cash in over RMB13.5 million (RM8.2 million) in sales.

With the roaring success of the promotion, it stands to reason why fans were furious when they felt like they were duped once they received their orders.

According to Malay Mail, fans have accused Tsang of duping them by selling fake goods and demanded refunds in return.

“After I bought the brandy, I was not able to scan the barcode to confirm its authenticity.

“I want to ask (Tsang) if this alcohol is counterfeit,” a customer wrote.

Another customer said they ordered three bottles of Wuliangye but only received one bottle along with two bottles of wine.

Other customers said they became suspicious when their orders arrived without the original packaging.

According to Today Online, customers who bought the crayfish he promoted turned out to be really small in size unlike what was shown in the livestream.

While things look bleak for the comedian and actor, several people have defended Tsang by saying he might have also been duped by the manufacturers.

It’s believed the actor might have been shown legitimate products for the livestream event but the manufacturers sold fake goods to customers instead.

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