RECENTLY, a woman stopped her car on the Putrajaya bridge and sat on the railing, prepared to leap, when two customs personnel passed by and spotted her.

The enforcement personnel promptly went forward to assess the situation, eventually convincing her to come down from the ledge.

It is understood that this incident took place last night and the video of the woman involved has been going viral, garnering about 500k views on Twitter.

The incident also triggered discussions about the importance of mental health.

The drama unfolded when the customs officials passed by the Putrajaya bridge finding a car parked on the side, with one door opened. Noticing a woman sitting and bawling her eyes out, the duo took matters into their own hands and persuaded her not to make any suicidal attempts.

The duo also alerted the fire and rescue department for further help.

Fortunately, after being persuaded, the woman got off the ledge and back to safety in her car.

Netizens praised the prompt actions of the two officials averting a close disaster, while some also prayed for her well-being and mental health.