Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande to drop a song together

19 Mar 2021 / 14:13 H.

There have been talks that fans can expect a duet from Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. The two singers, who are both represented by Scooter Braun, has caused quite an online stir when their cryptic hints spread.

Fans first got wind of the news when Ariana posted a video featuring some background vocals on her Instagram Story.

“Backgrounds on a song for a friend :),“ Ariana wrote.

The fans finally got their first confirmation when Demi Lovato reposted Ariana’s video on her own Instagram Story with some side-eye emojis.

Demi’s equally cryptic post was just what the fans need before they started freaking out in excitement. Most of the fans excitedly made the announcement on Twitter by writing, “DARIANA IS COMING.”

An unknown fan who was more diligent than most of them actually DMed Demi to confirm if this was the last minute project she had been talking about before. Demi responded with a smiley face.

Some fans even dug out and posted old videos of Demi talking about wanting to do a collaboration with Ariana Grande.

Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande to drop a song together

Back in April 2020, Demi has shared about her friendship with Ariana and how they’ve remained close despite the industry trying to pit them against each other.

“I love the fact that Ariana and I have such a supportive friendship because it’s hard to find,“ she told Harper’s Bazaar in an interview. “Two women who are in a competitive industry—the whole world seems to want to pit women against each other, so it would be so easy to do that.”

There is no news yet about the release date of the new song so fans will just have to keep tuned in longer.

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