Disney World’s Cinderella Castle new paint job received poorly

10 Jul 2020 / 16:10 H.

The makeover of Disney World’s Cinderella Castle is almost complete but it has already received criticisms from some fans.

Although the general public has not been allowed into Disney World yet, select employees, Youtubers and Disney bloggers get to visit Magic Kingdom early this week.

Walt Disney World News Today published some photos of Cinderella Castle on Tuesday perhaps in attempt to garner excitement.

While it seemed to work for awhile, Cinderella Castle’s new and bright paint job which didn’t sit quite well with netizens.

The castle now sports bright blue spires and feature a pale-pink exterior.

Netizens felt that this colour scheme feels ‘too new’ for an old castle and looks too much like Aurora’s castle in Disneyland.

Twitter users also noted that the castle walls are unfinished and has number markings on several bricks.

Natalie Walsh tweeted, “I’ve never been this disappointed with Disney. Whoever said this was okay made a serious mistake. Cinderella would never live in a “rose gold” castle. She wears the elegant blue dress to the ball and the original blue and white castle matched that elegance.”

“One of the things I love the most about Magic Kingdom is that it’s not tacky. The pink and bright blue combination is tacky and I despise it. If they wanted to update it for the anniversary they should’ve just added silver accents or something and touched up the original colors,” she added.

Image from Disney Parks
Image from Disney Parks

In response via Disney Parks Blog, Magic Kingdom Vice President Jason Kirk said painters are still applying ‘finishing touches’ to the castle.

"As I shared earlier this year, Cinderella Castle is currently in the process of receiving a royal makeover and the work is nearly complete!" Kirk wrote for the Disney Parks Blog.

"The treasured icon at the heart of Walt Disney World Resort is being made over with bold, shimmering, and regal enhancements befitting The Most Magical Place on Earth."

"Walt Disney Imagineering helped select the new royal color scheme to give Cinderella Castle its glistening new look," he continued.

"Special elements, such as a sapphire dusting on the blue rooftops and gold trim, were added to make the iconic spires sparkle in the sun. Here is a sneak peek at the regal new look, which you might see our painters applying the final coats of paint and adding the finishing touches to if you're planning to visit Magic Kingdom Park over the next several weeks."

In February, Disney announced that Cinderella Castle would receive a makeover in honour of the 70th anniversary of Cinderella.

Renovations were set to take place throughout the summer and were meant to be completed before Magic Kingdom celebrates its 50th anniversary on October 1, 2021.

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