AN amused dog owner has given pet fans a glimpse of her labrador’s obsession with sticks.

While some pet pooches are probably happy having maybe one or two sticks to chew on, Wrigley the labrador has set her sights a little higher.

In a video shared to TikTok by her owner, the extent of Wrigley’s love of all things stick-shaped was showcased in all its glory.

Opening the door to her house, Wrigley’s owner was amused to discover an array of sticks and small logs waiting for her.

$!The giant pile of sticks and logs collected by Wrigley. – Tiktok/@wrigleyadventures

A second later, the culprit revealed herself, with Wrigley shown trotting in from around the side of the property carrying another log.

Her owner is heard to shout “Wrigley” as the dog drops what she is carrying and bounds over to her.

The video was posted to the wrigleysadventures TikTok alongside the caption “she has a problem.”

The amusing footage has been watched 7.5 million times with many users full of praise for Wrigley’s wood-fetching efforts.

You can watch the video here.