Father who slapped son’s bullies fined heavily in Korean court

10 Jul 2020 / 13:07 H.

It hurts a parent’s heart when they find out that their child is bullied. A father in Jung-gu, Ulsan in South Korea took matter into his own hands after his son was bullied by two teenagers.

Back in March 2019, Mr A called his son’s friends B (16 years old) and C (17 years old) to his home at 10pm after hearing they bullied his son.

When both teenagers entered the home, Mr A intimidated them with a wooden stick and proceeded to slap and hit the boys using his fist and palm. One of the teenagers suffered from ruptured eardrums.

On July 8, the Ulsan District Court fined 46-year-old Mr A 4 million KRW (RM14,093) for violating the Child Welfare Act.

"Mr. A committed physical abuse that damaged the children's bodies and deteriorated the children's health and development,” the court judge stated.

"The degree of assault is not light, but Mr. A is a first-time offender. He has also acknowledged his faults and is self-reflective on the crime."

Mr A admitted and acknowledged that he violated the Child Welfare Act. According to All K Pop, the perpetrators of assault are not usually charged in court if there was a mutual agreement with the victims.

However, Mr A went against the Child Welfare Act so he had to be punished accordingly although the parents of the victims do not wish to punish him.

Several netizens disagreed with the court and shared that they would have done the same as Mr A if they found out that their child was bullied.

A netizen wrote, "Korea should make a law that punishes bullies for sure instead of punishing the father. His son could have killed himself if the bullying was severe. Paying the fine is worth saving my child's life.”

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