Hanis Zalikha criticised for decorating bathroom ceiling with wallpaper

25 Nov 2020 / 14:00 H.

Actress Hanis Zalikha recently got lectured by a fellow interior designer after she decorated a client’s bathroom ceiling with wallpaper.

Even to the untrained eye, the idea of gluing wallpaper on a bathroom ceiling is just a plain, bad idea.

By just being observant, one will have already realized the high humidity in the bathroom will cause the bathroom ceiling to occasionally bubble.

The issue came to light when the 30-year-old actress posted on her Instagram showing the interior design work in the client’s bathroom.

Although the wallpaper made the overall bathroom look and feel grand, an Instagram user @eqienura voiced her doubts.

The user, who has previously worked on the show unit for the same house, took the time to explain the dangers of using wallpaper on any bathroom ceiling.

Image from Vocket
Image from Vocket

“Hopefully, that’s not a wallpaper on the ceiling, if yes, good luck sis. A certified ID (interior designer) will crack their head to solve site issues, structure and mechanical issues first and ID comes later, and deco comes last,” the user wrote.

Eqienura also advised people to avoid spending money to place wallpapers on any kind of ceiling and there’s no use in making it look pretty because it’ll swell or bubble over time and crack the wallpaper.

Not only that, fungus can easily grow behind the wallpaper due to the humidity.

“All kinds of fungus and bacteria will be trapped in the ceiling, creating moulds which will be very harmful and toxic for your health,” she added.

Hanis Zalikha criticised for decorating bathroom ceiling with wallpaper

However, the actress deleted the user’s comments so @eqienura took to her Facebook to explain why it’s important for people to know not to use wallpaper on their ceilings.

According to the Facebook post, Hanis privately messaged @eqinura on Instagram and said she never claimed to be a designer and even placed the hashtag #decorkeknis so not to confuse her followers.

@eqienura said, “If she has passion in beautiful things or even in ID, please attend intensive courses so you’ll have the knowledge to design your own house. Not by taking photos from Pinterest and showing it to contractors (while) hoping for the same result.”

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