HK singer Adam Cheng shares his fountain of youth

30 Jun 2020 / 13:55 H.

While there are those who want to remain youthful forever, there are those who welcome the choice to age gracefully.

Hong Kong actor and Cantopop singer Adam Cheng may be 73 years old but the latest pictures snapped at the airport showed that he barely aged.

Ever since the pictures were published, netizens were curious about his anti-aging secret.

It turns out that his potion for the fountain of youth is similar to bridal designer Vera Wang. The actor shared that he has a sip of red wine before going to bed every night for his good complexion.

“Just one spoonful is enough. Boiling the red wine gets rid of the alcohol, so it is healthier on the heart and stomach,” he said.

He added that drinking cold water and smoking are not advisable. Other than that, he gets enough sleep every night for good health and refrains from eating out. If he isn’t working, he insists on having his meals at home.

Adam Cheng makes looking good sound easy.

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