iKON making a comeback with new song ‘Why Why Why’ and preps for Mnet’s Kingdom

03 Mar 2021 / 14:49 H.

Kpop group iKON is making a comeback this year. The group confirmed the news with the release of an official poster on their social media channels.

iKONIC will be delighted to know that they can expect a new single from their idols. The new digital single titled '왜왜왜 (Why Why Why)’ will be released on 3 March, 6pm KST together with the music video.

iKON making a comeback with new song ‘Why Why Why’ and preps for Mnet’s Kingdom

“First off, I feel sorry to our fans. Although we have met each other through various communication channels like YouTube, it always feels like we haven’t seen each other in a long time. I want to repay them with good music. I want to make 2021 a year where we widely and strongly imprint IKON’s name,” said group member Jihnwan in an interview when asked about how it felt for making a comeback after a year.

Fellow member Yunhyeong promises that the group will return with a more mature appearance unlike their previous image too.

Donghyuk expressed excitement to make a comeback with the group saying, “[Before our comeback], I was curious about the fans’ reactions, so I kept looking for them. A lot of people are looking forward to it. I will work hard to live up to that expectation. I’m nervous and excited.”

In the same interview, the group also shared about their new song Why Why Why. According to Donghyuk, the song is about lovers breaking up and the heartbreak from not knowing the reason for separating.

As a further treat, iKONiC get to see more of their idols in Mnet’s Kingdom this April too!

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