Lee Chong Wei gives humorous words of encouragement to Lee Zii Jia

On July 29, Malaysian badminton player Lee Zii Jia lost at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Due to the loss, former badminton champion Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei gave some words of encouragement and reassurances in an Instagram post today, July 30.

“Don’t need to be disappointed. It was a really good performance. All of Malaysia knows you tried your best,” Chong Wei wrote.

“With more experience, Chen Long will definitely just be a distant memory. Chen Long isn’t a measly defending champion. His face may be innocent but that guy is really sharp in interpreting his opponent’s tactics.”

The badminton veteran also pointed out that Zii Jia’s power, speed and technique was far superior when compared to the opponent Chen Long.

“Maybe what was lacking was your anxiety at the important parts. It’s your first Olympics, who wouldn’t be anxious? Even [my] first time at the Olympics wasn‘t immaculate,“ he added.

“What’s important is, lift your chin up and continue working hard. The next Olympics is just in three years. Your victory is not lost, just delayed. I’m proud of you. Malaysians are proud of you.”

Chong Wei even added a bit of Malaysian humour at the end of the post, perhaps to lighten up the mood. In reference to the recent win by Hidilyn Diaz from the Philippines, he joked, “Maybe after this, find a training place in Melaka. I heard that if you train there, you can get an Olympic gold.”

To Chen Long, he joked and wrote, “You again! Better don’t let us see you in Malaysia in the next one month! Hahaha. Joking mate. Have a good tournament and all the best!”