NATIONAL and international beauty pageants are known for fielding women who fit in the Venn diagram of being graceful, demure, independent, intelligent and worldly, while displaying the virtues and qualities of the country that they are from. But on rare occasions, some dubious contestants somehow slip in.

Going viral – for all the wrong reasons – very recently was a finalist of Miss International Malaysia 2022, a model by the name of Abby Lee.

A series of screenshots captured by Facebook user Hui Yue showed that Abby – a Malaysian-born Chinese woman – was attacking Malaysia and Malaysians through her social media throughout the entirety of the competition. She even posted some extremely xenophobic comments targeting people of central and south Asian nationalities.

Malaysia, undeniably, has its issues, but instead of being a voice of reason, Abby’s rants on her Instagram Stories are incoherent babbling made worse by her poor command of the English language.

Most of Abby’s purported rants are, frankly, too inflammatory to share, but you can read them for yourself here.

A running theme in most of Abby’s captured stories is how she prefers China over Malaysia, the country where she was born.

In one screenshot, she wrote: “Why was I born at a kampung in Malaysia and not a big city in China? I love China and Japan,” while in another she claimed that she never wanted to admit that she was Malaysian.

Perhaps it was a good thing that Abby did not win the Miss International Malaysia 2022 pageant, because if she had won, she would have to represent Malaysia while having an identity crisis due to hating Malaysia.

As of the time of writing, every picture and mention of Abby Lee seems to have been erased from the official Instagram account of Miss International Malaysia.