PETALING JAYA: A Malaysian researcher from Universiti Kebangsaan Melayu (UKM) has managed to produce a supplement that can help counter dementia.

Dr You Yee Xing, 28, formulated the supplement using King’s Salad (Cosmos caudatus) – a plant also known as Ulam Raja. It is used in a variety of local dishes such as Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Ulam, and Pucuk Ulam.

The supplement also contains polyphenol and antioxidants which help to keep the brain active in old age. It is said to work by reducing lipid peroxidation, which is a process that can cause damage to cells while increasing the levels of glutathione, a substance involved in tissue building and repair.

Dr You said the supplement is able to increase global cognitive function and memory in elderly folks, while also reducing emotional stress and disturbance.

UKM awarded Dr You the “Anugerah Emas Kedoktoran” (Golden Doctorate Award) at the university’s 49th convocation ceremony for formulating the supplement.

“The results of his research has resulted in a supplement that can increase overall cognitive function, memory, and reduce stress and emotional disturbances among the elderly,“ UKM said in a Facebook post.

“And his work has also positively impacted both the health of the public and the nation’s economy by helping expand the agricultural sector associated with the King’s Salad plant.

“That aside, he also has a cheery disposition and speaks Bahasa Malaysia well,“ the university added.

“He’s now completed his studies in the field of dietetics, but intends to further his studies. Dr You has successfully published his work in 23 well-known journals, including those relating to his field of study and in various book chapters.”

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