Man forced to bring child on food delivery rounds

To put food on the table, a father joins the ranks of food delivery community. But because he cannot afford a babysitter, he is forced to bring along his young child on his rounds, rain or shine.

In a recent Facebook post, a netizen said the sight of a food delivery rider doing his daily runs in Penang with a young child strapped to his chest prompted her to approach the young man to find out more about his situation.

“The weather was hot, the kid was drenched in sweat but he did not cry, as if he understood that it was not easy for his daddy to earn a living,” said the netizen.

“The rider said there was no one at home to look after the kid, and getting a babysitter means additional expenses, so he could only carry him around.”

The netizen said her heart ached when she saw an empty milk bottle lying in the basket of the bike.

“If you come across this food delivery rider in Penang, please help him if you can! If you cannot, please at least pray for his safety on the road.”