JUST over the past month, we’ve witnessed thousands of road users caught in traffic at toll plazas due to radio frequency identification system (RFID) lanes.

Recently, a TikTok user going by the handle @azrizakaria901 revealed that sticking the RFID tag behind the front number plate of your car is more effective than sticking it on your car’s headlamp or windshield.

According to Zakaria, he realised his method worked after he was able to pass through the Kuang Barat toll hassle-free.

He mentioned in the video: “Can you guys see how fast it detects?”

The 1 minute-18 second video showed the man driving his way through a few toll plazas smoothly as the sensor immediately detected his RFID tag.

However, the Sungai Buloh toll plaza did take a few seconds to open.

Realising how effective his method was, he decided to make the tag placement permanent.

Watch the full video here.