A MAN recently had his belongings stolen from his parked car and had managed to track his valuables in an hour, leading to the culprit’s arrest by the police soon after.

The encounter was shared on Facebook group USJ Community 社区 by Arvin Tharan who recounted that he parked his car in SS14, Subang Jaya but left his bag which contained his Macbook Pro, iPad and Apple Watch.

He said that he came back to his car later on to find his rear window missing as well as his bag containing his expensive electronics.

“Took a moment to digest this. Then went around to look for CCTV cameras but none were pointing in my car’s direction,” Arvin said in his post.

He then utilised the “Find My Devices” feature on his phone to track down the perpetrator who stole his items. He noticed that the location had indicated that the thief was in the Sri Petaling area.

Arvin then dashed off to the nearest police station to lodge a report on his stolen items but was advised by the police to look for them first as the thief may recognise the cops.

“I got mugged at SS14 but the location was showing (the thief) somewhere around Sri Petaling area. I drove to the nearest police station and lodged a report but was told by the police to look for the thieves myself first as the thieves may spot the police,” he added.

After talking to the police, Arvin took matters into his own hands and tracked the thief’s location, which was at a restaurant in Sri Petaling, which he entered and sat near the perpetrator, pretending to order food.

“Finally, I found the guy with my watch. To make sure it was mine, I came closer toward them and acted as if I was making an order nearby their seat,” he explained.

Once he saw his Apple watch, he walked out of restaurant and called the police to notify them of his item’s whereabouts.

In the video, police, dressed in civilian attire, headed toward the thief, seated presumably with his friends and arrested him on the spot.

Thanks to his quick thinking and the police’s swift action, the thief was apprehended in no time.

World of Buzz reached out to Arvin and he confirmed that the police brought the perpetrator back to the station and if charged, he would face jail time up to 6 months.

He added that the theft was a one-man job as the perpetrator’s friends were not his accomplice.

“He was trying to sell my watch to his friends. They didn’t know about his mugging activities,” he said.

Arvin also shared in his post that the thief also has 16 prior records of car break-ins.