A married woman shared on social media that she was angry at her husband, who wants a second wife but does not pay his share of the household bills.

The anonymous woman’s confession was shared on the Twitter page @ConfessTweetMY, which said that her husband wanted a second wife, claiming he can afford it even though he does not pick up his share of their financial commitments despite his bigger income.

“We were not well off when we first got married, catching up with our own careers so my husband suggested, why not split the utility bills?,

“I was okay with it because I felt responsible for the household bills since I’m living under the same roof as him,” she said in her post.

Later on, she explained that she paid for half of the household bills for many years, which she felt the brunt of it in her salary, whereas her husband’s salary had increased over the years. Suddenly, he came up to her and announced that he was going to take a second wife.

“Out of the blue, he came up to me and said he wants to marry a second wife which left me in shock as he announced it. I then asked him why he wanted a second wife and he said that he can afford it,” she added.

She was enraged at her husband for saying so, as he could only afford one because she had been footing half of their bills.

“When you get a second wife, are you going to ask her to split the bills as well?,” she responded angrily to her husband.

Her husband was silent at her reply, which she believes is probably because he must have realised that he does not have much money after all, and whatever extra funds he had were due to her paying half the bills.

“Now, I feel stupid sacrificing whatever I had to help him out just for him to turn around and tell me he wants to wed another,” she lamented.

She then concluded her message by advising newlywed wives to help split the bill until the husband can afford to pay in full.