A STAFF at the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) allegedly acted rudely and threatened a couple after they confronted him to complain about his colleague’s lack of professionalism, Malaysia Trend reports.

In a Facebook post, the victim shared that she went to MBSA Kota Kemuning with her husband on April 26 to renew her licence. Upon arrival, the security guard told her that she did not have to take a number and directed her straight to the counter.

“I proceeded to Counter 4, and a lady in brown baju kurung and tudung attended to me. Telling her I wished to renew my license, she replied to me with a rude tone to take my queue number before proceeding to the counter.” she wrote.

As requested, her husband went and take a queue number, while she stands in front of her and wait for her turn. However, the female staff told her to make payment at another counter after getting the number in an alleged rude manner.

This time, the victim had enough of her unprofessional attitude, and she told the staff, “It’s not like I wanted to come here straight. The guard told me to head over here. Why can’t you talk politely?”

The victim also revealed that this is not the first time the same female staff had acted in such a manner.

“The previous 2 times were because I was there to complain about a tree that has overgrown into my house. I really could not bear with her attitude,” she said.

However, before she can finish her sentence, a male staff sitting next to the female staff suddenly stood up and began yelling at her while pointing his finger aggressively at her.

Despite the outburst, she told the man that his colleague’s behaviour was unpleasant and rude and that she had every right to speak up about it.

Unfortunately, the male staff appeared to be offended by her remarks and continued scolding her. In fear, she took out her handphone and started recording his fiery reaction.

“By that time, my husband had come towards me after taking the number and the MBSA staff shouted at my husband to keep quiet and ordered us to leave after paying. Not fearing of him threatening us, my husband refuted him.” she said.

The male staff then stormed out from the counter and walked right up to the netizen’s husband’s face and continued to exchange heated words with each other.

Meanwhile, another female staff who followed the man out to the common area tried to stop a fight by standing in between the 2 and pleaded to the netizen to stop recording.

She then willingly complied as she didn’t want to escalate it further. Following this, the staff also demanded that she delete the video or they would not be allowed to leave the building.

“Since when this person has the authority and right to stop us from leaving and instructing us to delete the video? Is he scared that the video will expose him of his behavior?”

“We are not afraid as we did nothing wrong. Meanwhile, we will not delete the video. He also said we came to someone’s place and acted like a gangster. Please judge who is the gangster in this situation,” she wrote.

Since then, the netizen said she had lodged a formal complaint about the man’s unprofessional behaviour, adding that he should be fined for breaking social distancing rules implemented during that time period.