MCO funny videos part 2

Sometimes life is like a musical. There’s drama, there’s comedy and there’s usually a happy ending at the end of it all. Since the lockdown was announced worldwide, many people have come together to put on a musical of sorts to sing about their sorrows to entertain the world. Here are some of the best coronavirus lockdown parodies found online:

1. Beauty and the Beast – The Corona Version

Youtuber Sharon Luxenburg with lead vocalist Miri Zhavi hilariously dubbed over a clip from the animated Beauty and the Beast film. In the video, Belle obliviously goes for a walk in town while the villagers plead for her to stay home. If the scene looks familiar, it’s because the villagers are behaving very much like Malaysians themselves.

2. Marsh family’s One Day Lock Down

Fans of Les Miserables will definitely appreciate this adaptation of the song One Day More to fit these current times. The Marsh family in Kent, England sing about their stay-at-home troubles, ranging from not being able to play football to helping the grandparents try to work their Skype.

3. Ah ah ah ah Stayin’ Inside, Stayin’ Inside

Several Youtubers banded together online to rework Bee Gees iconic song Stayin’ Alive into Stayin’ Inside. Perhaps if the police sing this through the loudspeaker, the Malaysian public will be more receptive to the order to stay home.

4. Coronavirus Rhapsody

If you need some relevant drama in your life, put on your best stage looks and belt out the Coronavirus Rhapsody. The lyrics certainly poke fun at the truth but one line stood out in particular: “I look out the window, the curve doesn’t look flatter to me, to me!”

5. Stay Home Vogue

Chris Mann shows everyone how you can quarantine yourself with style, drama and flair. Put the music on and strut, because you’re the Corona Queen of the house who will make sure everyone stays home with style!

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