Miraculous birth? Indonesian police investigates after woman gets impregnated by a gust of wind

17 Feb 2021 / 15:09 H.

Indonesian police are investigating the case of a young woman who claimed she was impregnated by a gust of wind and gave birth an hour later.

Siti Zainah claimed that it happened in the afternoon in her living room while she was saying prayers.

“After afternoon prayers, I was lying face down on the floor when I suddenly felt wind enter my body through my vagina,” she told a local news outlet.

Fifteen minutes later, she felt pain in her stomach and the bump grew bigger. Before she knew it, she gave birth to a baby girl in a nearby community clinic.

Image from Ladbible
Image from Ladbible

The story of her miraculous conception spread rapidly and drew ridicule from many. This gained the attention from the authorities who set out to investigate the matter to stem rumours from spreading.

Both the head of the sub-precinct and the head of the local community clinic, Eman Suleiman, visited the mother. It appeared that Siti Zainah already had a child with an ex-husband that she separated from four months ago.

According to Suleiman, it’s likely a cryptic pregnancy, where the mother isn’t actually aware of her own pregnancy until the moment she enters labour.

This dismisses Siti Zainah’s claim of a miraculous pregnancy. Some have alluded that she came up with the story in order to cover up a pregnancy outside of wedlock due to the stigma associated in Indonesian society.

The police on the case have noted all possibilities, including her previous marriage to her ex-husband.

“We want to clear up the confusing news about the woman’s birth which many perceive to be unnatural. We want to avoid this incident from creating rumours among the public,” said the sub-precinct chief Sumardi.

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