Moses Chan thanks wife Aimee

19 Mar 2021 / 14:16 H.

Hong Kong stars Moses Chan and Aimee Chan have been blissfully married for eight years.

The 49-year-old actor thanked his wife for choosing to become a full-time mother at the peak of her career and acknowledged that she sacrificed her ambitions for the family. The happy couple share two sons Aiden, Hung-lit and daughter Camilla.

“I thought that I could get married at a younger age, but you can’t plan life. I only started a family at a time when my career and finances were both stable, and when I was really mentally prepared,” Chan said.

“Although it was a little late, they came at the best possible time when I knew how to care for, appreciate, and treasure them. They are my all. Nothing is happier than the warmth and joy of a loving family.”

He shared that he enjoys going home to his family and said that Aimee is “the most important person in managing the family.” No matter how busy he is, he would try and spend time with his wife and children.

“Whatever it is you are focusing on, you have to spend time and effort to create something of quality,” he shared.

“However tough my work is, it would all disappear when I return home. Aimee would come over at the first instant, and I would very naturally hug her close and kiss her,” he said.

Despite putting her ambitions on hold, Chan said he remains supportive if she wants to return to acting.

“She is a good actress and I don’t want her talent to go to waste,” he said.

With such a strong family unit, Moses Chan is certainly feeling very blessed at this stage of his life.

While the pandemic has decimated many businesses in Hong Kong, his coffee shop is surviving and has seen a slight uptick in business. He hopes to open two more branch outlets this year.

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