WHILE most takeaway food packaging is typically secured with rubber bands, some restaurant owners take it to the next level by using nails to prevent any food spillages.

Despite its peculiarity, this method has been implemented for a few years and has gone viral, particularly in Kelantan.

But recently, Public Health Malaysia took to Twitter to warn food stall owners to put a halt to the absurd technique, after the trend landed a young child in surgery.

The young child allegedly ingested a nail by accident, and the situation was only discovered after the child complained of intense pain in the stomach area.

The healthcare page further mentioned that the child’s family had rushed to the hospital and x-ray results revealed that the nail had travelled through the child’s throat and into the stomach. The child had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the nail.

The community group advised restaurant owners to opt for rubber bands, instead of nails and stapler bullets, to avoid further complications. Premises that are found guilty of demonstrating food hazards can be charged under the Food Act 1983.

According to BERNAMA, the trend dates back to the 1970s after a man from Sumatera, Indonesia opened a restaurant in Kelantan and used nails to secure the food packets.