THE flash floods that have struck our country have left many people feeling devastated and overwhelmed.

However, some people have the talent to turn a bad experience into a memorable one. Recently, a Tiktok video went viral showing how a wedding photographer managed to turn a couple’s rained out wedding day into an amazing experience.

The couple’s bersanding ceremony was completely rained out, but photographer Ariff Rosley came up with a creative concept for the newlyweds.

The video begins with the young couple, dressed in their wedding outfits, looking disappointed after their special day got ruined due to the heavy rain and rising water levels.

The photographer decided to continue taking photos, and came up with a ‘banjir-themed’ photo shoot for the newlyweds. Surprisingly, the photos came out great.

Tiktok users loved his creative photoshoot, and admired Arif's creativity in turning a bad day into an amazing one.

The video currently has over 1.3 million views and 199,700 likes.

Watch the video here.