Especially when things go sideways

Pandelela’s reaction at the Olympics reflects what all Malaysians feel

Malaysia’s diving queens, Leong Mun Yee and Pandelela Rinong, managed to finish eight in the Women’s Synchronised 10m Platform event at the Olympics.

It was not a result everyone hoped for and no one is more disappointed with the result than Pandelela herself.

After their fifth and final dive, Pandelela kept her eyes on the scoreboard but she turned away in disappointment when their score was revealed.

In a split second, she was also caught mouthing the word ‘babi’ (pig) to show her disappointment.

Her reaction to the results truly enshrined her as a true Malaysian at heart and fellow netizens online loved her Malaysian spirit.

“A true Malaysian,” someone wrote on Twitter followed by a laughing with tears emoji.

“Pandelela saying ‘babi” is such a mood,” the account @TypicalMsian wrote.

Another user @Synzhri wrote that they would have reacted and said the same thing too. “Gotta channel Pandelela’s energy in life #babi,” @ninaaairfan tweeted with a laughing with tears emoji.

“Tell us you’re Malaysian without telling us you’re Malaysian,” @hangriiii wrote.

Twitter user @suetmei summed it up best, “Caught Pandelela saying “babi” when Round 5 results came out haha. Now that’s very Malaysian and I love every ounce of this Malaysian spirit!”