A MOTHER recently posted on social media on how her son wanted to stop schooling and focus on his online gaming.

She posted on WeiBo that her eight-year-old son had informed the teacher that he wanted to quit school to focus on his online games.

“I didn’t know he would go up to the teacher and actually say he would like to stop school. I only found out after his teacher contacted me,” she said in her post.

After discussing with his teacher, both agreed to let him have a dose of reality on being a professional online gamer. His parents were granted permission to skip seven days of school and proceeded to set up a key performance index (KPI) target that the child has to reach for the week.

“Since he wants to focus on his mobile games, we’ve set a KPI where he has to play 16 hours a day. Meals will be prepared for him at a specific time, but if he misses his meal, we will not provide him with any food.

He would also have to record his results for every match and would have to reflect and write a simple report based on his game results”, she added.

The mother added that now that the seven-day trial is on its third day, her son had broken down four times since it began.

She highlighted that she and her partner were doing this to educate her son on a professional gamer’s challenge and the importance of his education.