Popular Kpop director praised Jungkook’s directorial skills in BTS’s Life Goes On MV

26 Nov 2020 / 16:06 H.

BTS’s Jungkook was recently praised for his directorial skills in the band’s latest title track Life Goes On.

Cinematographer and director of photography Yun In Mo sat down with respected players in the Kpop music video industry in Reasonable Reactions to give their professional opinions on the music video.

After watching the clip, Yun In Mo praised the message of the song, noting that it’s “strong” and “impressive.”

According to Koreaboo, he was most impressed by a particular scene which he thinks Jungkook may have filmed.

The scene in question shows V driving around the city. While it was a little shaky, Yun In Mo was in all-praise for how steadily it was shot in a moving vehicle.

“But, really, I think it might be Jungkook who filmed in the car. Looking at the pose and the lens, I could’ve been all shaking as they’re in the car,” Yun In Mo said.

“No matter how well the stabilizing function works, it’s not easy,” he added.

Watch the music video below to judge it for yourself!

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