“PLEASE be considerate of others”, we have oftentimes been told to consider the feelings of others in our actions. This comes in every form, when we line up at the grocery store, when the elderly are seen struggling, we offer help and the list of selfless kind acts goes on.

Even being considerate on the road is a trait that is highly valued, however, in the fast-paced world that we live in, everyone on the road wants to head to their destinations on time. Hence, a lot of bad behaviour on the roads have sadly become the norm, that many of us just close an eye and get on with our commutes.

What happens if you have no choice but to deal with inconsiderate drivers on the road? Recently, a Rapid KL bus driver encountered a rather unnecessary ordeal after the driver got stuck in between a four-wheeled Toyota Hilux and a Perodua Axia parked at the sides of the road, obstructing incoming cars at the MRT Cyberjaya City Centre.

The video was posted on the Instagram page of cyberjaya.info which has since gone viral with 13,551 likes since it was shared on April 12.

A feeder bus can be seen struggling to drive off after it scraped through the black four-wheeled drive and the Axia that was not parked properly by the owners.

The video also recorded the line of vehicles parked at the side of the road, leading the way out into the main road from the MRT station.

It has since drawn mixed reactions from netizens with many criticising the owner of the vehicles that parked their cars by the roadside, while some even told off the bus driver, saying the driver should have used another route out knowing the area is always crowded by vehicles.

Instagram user, @tamm.azmey said that the authorities should summon those that park indiscriminately.

While another user said that parking lots were available but many drivers refused to pay the parking fees, hence they would just park outside the station.

There were many comments that suggested more multilevel parking at the station.

These comments might all seem good, but ultimately attitude also plays a huge part too. Indiscriminate parking should neve be tolerated, moreover, with a four-wheeled drive such as the Hilux.

The action of the drivers had not just caused a major inconvenience to the bus driver but to other motorists behind the bus.

Some things surely can be avoided after all!