HAS anyone else noticed how much our restaurant standards for food have declined in recent years after the pandemic? Unfortunately, this horror story comes from a Facebook profile complaining about his horrible dining experience at a sushi restaurant.

According to the post, Azrul Razak went to a mall in Sabah for a meal, as he was enjoying his sushi, all of a sudden, he noticed a grumble of tiny maggots in his soy sauce bottle.

To make matters worse, by the time he posted the video of the crawling maggots, he already had Shoyu straight from that particular bottle.

Azrul then quickly requested the manager’s attention to examine all the Shoyu bottles on the other tables, but following closer inspection, other bottles appeared to be in good condition. The manager decided to merely throw the one at their table as a result of this.

He was on his way back when the manager called to apologise and questioned whether any pictures or videos had also been taken.

Azrul’s subsequent nightlong diarrhoea just adds to the agony of the situation.

The eatery allegedly blamed the supplier for allowing maggots to appear inside the bottle after hearing complaints from his wife and did not offer further compensation.

Hence, we are happy that Azrul eventually recovered and lodged a police report with the appropriate health authorities, particularly in the hopes to avoid this situation again for anyone else.