A NETIZEN based in Sarawak recently shared how sad he was that KFC Malaysia will no longer serve his favourite coleslaw at certain branches.

The issue first came to light when the man, tweeting from the account @aaygx, asked KFC Malaysia’s official Twitter account to ask: “Why does KFC not have any coleslaw? Everytime I order from the KFC Bau branch it’s not there?? Even KFC 101 Premier is the same? Why? Why? Why?”

The KFC Twitter account then replied to him saying: “We’s sorry that we’re unable to serve coleslaw at certain outlets in Sabah, Sarawak and Langkawi due to logistical limits that prevent us from sending over fresh produce to maintain our standards of quality.”

The man replied: “What??? This is so sad!!! Coleslaw is fav!”

This exchange prompted other netizens to commiserate with the man, as they also were fans of KFC’s unique coleslaw.