MALAYSIA has always been the perfect location for Malaysians to share our melting pot of cultures through authentic cuisines. There is no denying the fact that we all love our mouth-watering dishes, and we often find ourselves seeking out Malaysian dishes even when we travel to another country.

Previously, Malaysian-born chef Ping Coombes made us proud as she nabbed the crown from MasterChef’s Champion of Champions competition. And now, our passion for food has been hugely expressed once again after Aisya Syahrul baked her way to the finals of Junior Bake Off.

$!Aisya will soon be competing with seven other finalists. - NST

The 12-year-old blew the judges away with her inventive and outstanding baking skills. Aisya’s eye for detail made her stand out from the other contestants.

In a biscuit challenge, the young baker made an ‘About Me’ box that was decorated with hibiscus flowers to depict her dreams of following her father’s footsteps in medicine.

In another episode where contestants are required to bake a personalised family crest pie in two hours, she used Malaysian curry powder to make the chicken, included potato and peas filling and the pie crust‘s design was a combination of the Jalur Gemilang and the Union Jack flags.

But her most remarkable creation that won the judges’ hearts was her satay-inspired cake. The chocolate cake was topped off with realistic-looking servings of chicken satay, banana leaf, sliced onions, cucumber and peanut sauce. For this, she was crowned the ‘Star Baker’ of the challenge.

Aisya will now be competing with seven others in the finals.

Watch the video here!