Security team helped care for plants in UK law firm during lockdown

01 Sep 2020 / 13:00 H.

When the pandemic lockdown was first imposed, a lot of us didn’t know then how serious or how long the lockdown was going to be. Some of us might even have left our belongings in the office in a hurry while preparing for the lockdown.

The lockdown in the UK happened very suddenly and it caught a lot of employees at a law firm off-guard.

Many of them had no time to clear their desks and forgot to bring their houseplants home. With many months under lockdown, they assumed that all of their plants are dead.

Fortunately, one of the security guard working in the building is a florist and the security team has worked together to care for each and every plant, as revealed by another fellow employee only known as wafflesrisa on Tumblr!

Security team helped care for plants in UK law firm during lockdown

They moved all of the plants to the cafeteria and effectively created a makeshift greenhouse.

Just imagine all the cacti, succulents, spider plants, terrariums and potted plants all in one room and growing well.

The team was also alert enough to label each plant individually with names and desk locations so the plants can be returned to their respective places once the lockdown ends.

According to wafflesrisa, one of the security guards could be seen waving in the centre right photo.

What a wonderful initiative from the security team for protecting the office and plants while everyone else is away.

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