DRIVING in rainy weather can be a nerve wracking experience for some as the slippery conditions might land someone in unfortunate circumstances and not just with four-wheeled vehicle drivers, but motorcyclists as well that have a tough time on the wet road.

A motorcyclist in Singapore was seen sliding smoothly on his behind, legs outstreched, after having braked too hard on the wet road during the rain.

According to YouTube channel SG Road Vigilante said that the incident reportedly occurred at the Jurong Town Hall Road recently at 3.46pm.

“A P plated motorcycle had braked too hard and slid across the yellow box ,” the channel said in their description of the video.

In the dashcam footage, the motorcycle rider can be seen skidding across the road together with his fallen motorcycle.

He then slid on his behind some more until he finally stopped after the yellow box sign at the junction.

The motorcyclist then stood up and walked over to his to check up on motorcycle, seemingly unscathed.

Netizens remarked on his good luck while some found the way he slid across the road.

“Luckily the ground is very wet. Otherwise he might’ve flipped over already. He probably did the right thing not stopping himself from sliding as it could have turned out for the worse,“ a netizen said.

“The funniest part is while the rider was skidding, he still had time to turn around to check what happened to his bike before coming to a stop,“ another netizen pointed out.