South Korean singer A investigated for illegally filming women

27 Jul 2020 / 14:40 H.

According to SBS FunE, singer songwriter and head of a Kpop label, A, is currently under police investigation for illegal filming on July 27.

A is suspected of secretly filming the bodies of several women, including sex scenes, using hidden cameras until early this year. As such, A is being investigated for charges of illegal filming at the Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul.

Since getting caught last June, A has deleted his profile form the portal site and has expressed regret for his actions. He has been reflecting on his wrongdoings as he has started a family.

The singer-songwriter made his debut after winning a Kpop competition in 2004 and is known to have published an essay on love.

South Korea is notorious for illegal filming crimes also known as molka crimes. Recently, actors Kim Min Seok and Son Min Ho managed to apprehend a spycam criminal.

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