Spanish grandma creates magnificent artworks using Microsoft Paint

15 Jul 2021 / 13:52 H.

Remember how we used to create rudimentary artwork on Microsoft Paint when we were younger? A 90-year-old grandma in Valencia, Spain really showed us up after all these years!

Concha Garcia Zaera wowed many online when she shared her spectacular artworks featuring architecture and nature. She did it all by using Microsoft Paint with an old mouse on a Windows 7 laptop.

Zaera’s artistic journey began when she couldn’t go out often because she had to take care of her husband who fell ill. She used to take art classes at the local senior centre but couldn’t practice at home due to the strong smell of paints.

However, she discovered she express creatively using MS Paint after her husband and children gifted her a computer years ago.

Looking at her pictures, you’ll be surprised to hear when Zaera said she has no imagination at all. For inspiration, she refers to the numerous postcards her husband used to send and from drawings that she likes.

She started small. First, she painted a house, then a mountain. Gradually, she started adding details and filled out a whole landscape.

Initially, she shared her artworks on Facebook only before one of her granddaughters suggested she share them on Instagram. As of this moment, Zaera has over 301k followers in Instagram.

Check out her colourful works below! Follow her on Instagram and be transported to the beautiful scenery in her artworks.

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