SRK’s wife Gauri Khan shares about building a family with the Bollywood superstar

28 Sep 2020 / 16:25 H.

For all Shah Rukh Khan’s fans, it must be a dream to be married to him. However, his wife Gauri Khan said they went through lots of ups and downs together like any couple.

Gauri married the actor in 1992, which was also the year he just started his acting career. His success didn’t come immediately as shared by his loving wife.

In an interview with NDTV, Gauri spoke about her relationship with the Bollywood Superstar.

"Frankly I did not realise even after his films released, even after he gave those blockbusters. Took a long, long time for it to sink in that he has arrived," she said.

"And it was very organic, gradual. It wasn't like I woke up one fine day in this place and said 'Wow, he has arrived'. It wasn't like that. It was his struggle. We went through ups and downs.”

“He has accomplished so much and done so well for himself. All of us are enjoying his hard work today."

During the lockdown, Shah Rukh Khan also prepared meals for the family when the family was wary about ordering food.

"During this lockdown, we were initially scared to even order any food from outside. So 'ghar ka khana' is made by Shah Rukh himself and we are enjoying it. He loves cooking and I enjoy eating,” Gauri shared.

When asked about their children, she shared that they are coping well with the changes due to the pandemic too.

"Suhana has been busy with her online school while Aryan, who just finished college, is taking a much-needed break by relaxing, watching movies and playing games. AbRam, on the other hand, is back to school. While it was initially hard for the kids, they are all coping well."

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