PEOPLE working in the customer service industry deserve more than a pat on the back since they not only have to deal with verbal lashings from irate customers but have to learn what to do when a customer becomes physically abusive.

A viral video clip posted on Facebook page 臺灣の解藥 showed a muscular man on a violent rampage, trashing up a convenience store in Taiwan over a chicken breast snack that was unavailable.

The 15-second clip depicted the shirtless buff man jumping about and screaming before throwing a few punches at an authoritative figure, with another policeman trying to stop the erratic man but running off as soon as he was confronted by him.

While all the commotion was going on, the convenience store worker rushed out of the store, extending his hand out, not allowing the person recording the incident to continue doing so.

Focus Taiwan reports that the convenience store ran out of their Italian-flavoured chicken breast snack, which enraged the man who proceeded to damage the store’s product displays which prompted the worker to call the police on him.

Another image was also posted in the comments section on the same Facebook page of the overreacting customer finally arrested while sitting on the ground with blood streaming down his face and body.

In the same report, the enraged customer was later identified as a 28-year-old “amateur bodybuilder”.

It is also believed that another video had surfaced of a police officer beating up the bodybuilder with his baton 10 times, with the muscular man on the ground crying repeatedly about being hurt.

The police officer is under investigation on suspicion of assault.