Texas lawyer turned up at a court hearing as a cute kitten

10 Feb 2021 / 13:39 H.

An online court hearing in Texas had a hilarious moment when one of the lawyers present appeared as cat on Zoom.

The poor lawyer named Rod Ponton arrived at the hearing on Zoom with a kitten filter activated on his computer.

Immediately, District Judge Roy Ferguson pointed out to Ponton that the Zoom filter is on. The situation becomes comical when Ponton’s downcast eyes were reflected in the kitten filter, giving off the look of a panicky and lost kitten.

While Ponton’s assistant tries to switch off the filter, the flustered lawyer made it clear to the court that he isn’t a cat.

“I’m here live. I’m not a cat,” Ponton can be heard saying.

“I can see that,” said Judge Ferguson.

Fortunately, the mishap was short-lived and they managed to turn off the filter after a few chuckles.

Judge Ferguson agreed that it was hilarious since he was the one who shared the clip on Youtube with a short note on Twitter.

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