The infamous shoulder-baring Rizman Ruzaini dress was previously worn by S. Pavithra

11 Jan 2021 / 14:58 H.

Who knew a woman’s dress can cause such controversy?

Last week, a Malay-Australian model Natasha Hudson was criticised by the dress’s designer for wearing his design at a Crystal C White product launch.

This was all because the model is a hijabi and the dress exposed a shoulder.

The Malaysian designer Rizman Nordin, who runs the fashion label Rizman Ruzaini with Wan Ruzaini Wan Jamil, expressed his disappointment to see a Muslim woman wearing his creation as the dress was made for ‘free-hair’ women.

He reportedly said that Hudson had tarnished the brand’s reputation.

The organisers of the beauty launch stood by Hudson, who is their ambassador while Hudson explained that she was merely adhering to instructions and the event’s theme.

She has also asked the designer duo to apologise for their statements. Hudson assumes that the comment was made because she was not the A-list celebrity who would typically wear their designs.

Who has worn this ‘controversial’ dress?

It turns out that it wasn’t the first time the public has seen this white dress on a local celebrity.

According to Rizman Ruzaini, Youtube cooking personality S. Pavithra previously wore this dress for a photoshoot with fashion magazine Pepatung last year.

However, she found the dress a bit revealing and requested for her shoulder to be covered up properly.

“Unfortunately, this dress was a bit too revealing for Pavithra (a bared one shoulder drape sleeve using thin see-through tulle fabric) which does not conform with Pavithra’s personal liking.”

“She later personally requested that her shoulder be covered up properly,” the post reads.

In refute to Hudson’s claims, the designer duo used Pavithra’s photoshoot as an example and had this to say:

“The stylist respected her request and styled it accordingly which is definitely approved in Rizman Ruzaini’s book as it still stayed true to the design of the dress and not utterly changed it.”

“Though Pavithra is not deemed as an A-list celebrity, we are still happy to work with her and are proud to have someone wear our design with such regal, elegance and class.”

Where is the dress now?

Nevertheless, this latest dress drama sees the dress getting loaned out for the last time and is now put on sale. If you want to ignite some drama of your own, perhaps put this dress on your shopping radar.

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