A TODDLER recently entered the Malaysian Book of Records for being the ‘Youngest to Speak Expressive Vocabulary’ at the tender age of 18 months old.

WauPost reported that the toddler known as Diiyash Dev was gifted with his wide vocabulary when speaking to his family using over 500 different words hence his talent being recgonised by the Malaysian Book of Records when the family contacted the organisation back in August.

Diiyash’s mother, Kanageswary, shared that she and her husband had noticed their son was a nimble at picking up words at just 14 months old and being able to grasp every word his parents taught him within seconds at 11 months old.

“At first we thought this was normal, but then the paediatrician told us that our son possessed an advanced level of language ability,” she said.

Kanageswary who is an educator also imparted some advice on how to further improve childrens’ vocabulary by spending more time with their children and introducing them to the things surrounding them.

She also suggested that parents use learning tools like flash cards, reading aloud, singing nursery rhymes, Montessori activities and play-based learning that are proven to boost their child’s knowledge.

The young mother added that she let Diiyash take part in household chores and dictate each action to him.

The gifted toddler’s parents most importantly, want their child to grow up to become a happy and virtuous person.

“Our utmost priority is to raise him to be a happy child with good moral values. So, we try to teach him everything in a fun and interesting way as he has just started to discover the world,” she added.