Traffic cop praised by netizens for aiding man who fainted on busy road

19 Jul 2021 / 12:17 H.

Recently, an image of a policeman carrying a man across the road has touched all Malaysians deeply.

In the image uploaded by Facebook page Friends of PDRM, the traffic police can be seen cradling and carrying an old man under the hot sun.

The old man apparently fainted in the middle of the street in Seremban. Fortunately, the traffic police on duty saw what happened and rushed to help despite a minor traffic on the road.

Traffic cop praised by netizens for aiding man who fainted on busy road

Netizens flooded the comments with lots of appreciation and messages of gratitude for the police officer.

“Your act of kindness touched me deeply. I salute to you,” a FB user, Dorothy Ho, wrote.

“May Allah repay his kindness. We should be thankful and pray that they are healthy and safe while carrying out their duties especially during the pandemic. The job requires a lot of patience and commitment from them,” Patimah commented.

Mohamad Madyasin wrote, “Allahuakbar. May the man who fainted be safe. I hope the police officer who helped will always have good health and be in Allah’s good graces.”

“Well done. This is what we call Malaysian. What a nice policeman,” Muthu Kumar commented.

“Thank God that there are still good police in Malaysia! Keep up the good work,” Charleen Koh commented.

“Malaysia is beautiful because of you,” Lee Wen Chu wrote.

The whole kind gesture was summarised well by Nicole Yeong who wrote, “He is so kind hearted. To carry the elderly person to safety. He is our Hero.”

Some even asked whether they recognized the helpful police officer because they wanted to repay his kindness with tokens of appreciation.

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