NUMBER PLATES are an important part of a vehicle for identification purposes and while a number of Malaysians settle for existing numbers that feel suitable to them, others will bid the highest amount for a certain plate number, either customised or prestigious.

Recently, a Twitter user shared on May 25 that they spotted a Perodua Bezza with an expensive number plate, which confused netizens as the costly plate was not expected to be on a car priced way lesser.

The post has been removed at the time of writing.

The Bezza’s licence plate was the second highest auctioned “FF2”, valued at a whooping RM638,000, being part of the “FF” series that recently collected RM34.29 million, according to an article by NST.

In the same report, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the “FF8” license plate was the highest auctioned at RM950,000.

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However, with the viral post making rounds online, several netizens have doubted the authenticity of the post after a picture of the same alleged car had been uploaded with a different licence plate, closely similar to the one posted earlier.

A Twitter user had uploaded a photo of the same alleged Bezza but with a different number plate which read “KFF2”.

“Edited. The real licence plate is ‘KFF2’,” the user wrote, backing up their claim.

Meanhile, other netizens were not as doubtful, justifying the car owner’s decision to put the license plate on a cheaper vehicle.

“Maybe they wanted to buy the license plate first so that they can transfer the license plate once they get a bigger vehicle,” a netizen suggested.