(Video) Baby elephant rescued from lake in northeastern India

12 May 2019 / 11:18 H.

AN elephant calf was rescued from a lake by forest authorities on Friday (May 10), after becoming separated from its mother in India’s northeastern Kamrup district.

The baby elephant became stranded in the Deepor Beel lake and was guided out of the water by forest officials and the National Disaster Response Force with the help of local men with boats.

Divisional forest officer from the Assam Zoo division, Tejas Mariswamy, said authorities’ first priority was to reunite the calf with its mother.

An increasing human population in India has depleted the habitat of wild animals, forcing them to stray into human settlements, attacking people and often being killed in response.

The elephant-headed god Ganesh is one of the most popular gods in the Hindu pantheon and is considered auspicious.

But its divine status has not saved the animals from killings, either due to speeding trains or vehicles, or conflicts with humans. — Reuters

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