(Video) Here’s how car thieves hacked and stole a car in a Cheras mall

19 Jan 2020 / 19:10 H.

Some of us get nightmares when we’re asleep, but then we wake up and realize everything is okay. But then there are some nightmares you can’t escape by waking up, like going to your parking lot and realising your car is stolen.

This happened to a netizen called Nic Wang who shared his story on Facebook about how his Honda HRV was stolen in EkoCheras Mall.

Here’s how it all went down

Nic parked his car at the mall’s basement at 9am and headed off for work. At 6.30pm he comes back to get his car, but to his shock it’s no longer there. He then gets a confirmation from the mall’s security post that someone else has driven off his car at 2.47pm.

Like any other crime victim, Nic proceeded to make a police report, and sends the PDRM into action.

The next day, he heads over the mall for the police investigations and finds out that there was a Perodua Alza lurking around the car park, and a guy got down from it to unlock Nic’s car in less than 1 minute. The perp then drives it away with the Alza following close behind. There wasn’t much properly placed CCTVs around to identify the suspects, but it seems like the PDRM knew what to do going forward with the investigations.

But here’s the thing, as if the burden of getting a car stolen wasn’t enough...

Nic had a peculiar encounter with the mall’s management

According to his Facecook post, while the PDRM was conducting investigations at the mall’s control post, the head of the mall’s manaagement team wanted to meet Nic. Thinking the meeting would shed light into the incident or at least concern an offer of apology, Nic got it quite wrong.

The management instead proceeded to blame Nic for the whole incident. The manager started by asking if Nic had given the keys to people who’d handle his car (like mechanics and car wash staff), and pointed out those people shouldn’t be trusted as they can duplicate his car keys.

Little did they know, Nic was actually in motorsports and the manager’s statements irked him. He pointed out that the thieves wouldn’t need 1 minute to unlock his car if they had their keys, and the security systems in place in the mall was actually sub par. If they really had duplicate keys, they could just unlock his car immediately and drive it off.

Fortunately for Nic, according to his Facebook post on Jan 15, just one day after the investigations, the PDRM managed to find his car and apprehended the suspect. Nic was of course thankful and took time in his Facebook post to also point out that Malaysian malls really need to do better with their security systems.

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