(Video) Man fined for riding go-kart on streets of Shanghai

08 Jul 2019 / 10:02 H.

A MAN was fined 1,000 yuan (RM600) for riding a go-kart on the streets of Shanghai.

The man, who was only identified by his surname Ye, was seen riding the go-kart on June 23 in Baoshan District. The video posted online went viral and caught the attention of police as go-karts are classified as banned vehicles and are not allowed on public roads.

It turns out the go-kart is actually a toy belonging to the offender’s 6-year-old grandson. While playing with his grandson on that day, he received an emergency call from his firm. Being in a hurry, Ye came up with the idea to borrow the go-kart from his grandson.

After getting caught by the police, Ye realized that his actions were reckless. He was fined 1,000 yuan and the go-kart was confiscated.

Police have emphasized that personal transporters like segways, e-scooters, and mobility devices for elderly people are prohibited on the streets in Shanghai. They are only allowed on pathways in closed compounds or indoors.

“These vehicles pose great hidden safety hazards while driving on the streets. If they are involved in an accident, settlement of claims cannot be guaranteed, so we ban these vehicles from driving on the streets,“ said Mao Chenchen, a traffic police officer with the Baoshan branch of the Shanghai Public Security. — Reuters

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