(Video) Two road rage incidents leave victims seething

25 Oct 2019 / 11:57 H.

TWO motorists were on the receiving end of the aggressive behaviours of road bullies in separate incidents on Wednesday.

In the first incident, a woman was subjected to a volley of profanities after politely asking a man to move his car at a petrol station in Klang Valley.

The man had inconsiderately parked his car, blocking the woman’s path to her the petrol filling bay beside the former’s car.

“You’re blocking my way. Can’t you just park properly? There’s so much space in front!” said the woman, as she recorded the video.

This enraged the man who said: “Hold your phone for what? You take one photo, I bang your car now!”

Oblivious to his fault the man furiously approached the woman, and tried to grab her phone, in an attempt to stop her from recording.

“Who ask you to take video? F*** you!” he yelled, before spitting at the woman.

“Is this how your mother taught you how to behave? F*** your mother! This is a public station, not your father own you know! F*** you! You think you’re so great ah?”

The woman, visibly shaken, rolled up her window and drove away.

Meanwhile, in the second incident in Kajang, two men traded accusations and barbs at each other after a fender-bernder.

The situation escalated when one of the men started recording a video of the other man, incurring the wrath of the latter.

The man who was being filmed proceeded to assault the victim, saying: “The more you take a video of me, the more I will hit you.”

A dashcam on the car of the victim captured the incident. However it does not show what followed, or if anyone was hurt.

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