(Video) What happens when the brother of New York’s governor is also a CNN journalist?

04 Apr 2020 / 10:12 H.

GOVERNOR Andrew Cuomo’s political ratings are up the roof with his handing of the Covid-19 crisis in New York. With more than 92,000 positive cases, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Andrew is probably the busiest governer in the US.

Fortunately or fortunately for Andrew, his brother Chris Cuomo is a television journalist on CNN. Chris actually tested positive for Covid-19 recently, but that didn’t stop him from conducting his work from home, and it seems like his favourite task is ‘teasing’ his governor brother on TV.

Andrew appeared on TV for interviews with Chris, and their interactions can only be described as TV gold. In one segment, Chris acknowledged that Andrew must be a busy man but said there’s always time to call mom. Andrew, with his quick wit, replied, “I did call mom and she said I was her favourite.”

There were a few other instances of humorous familial banter, and many have said it was refreshing. Especially due to the fact that these banters show that our frontliners are very much human.

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