(Video) YouTuber Pavithra supports family by sharing home-cooked Indian recipes online

22 Apr 2020 / 09:39 H.

IF there’s one thing you should steal, it would only be hearts. And that’s what a couple on YouTube is doing with their home-cooked Indian recipes.

According to Varnam Malaysia, Pavithra and her husband Sugu live deep inside Sungai Siput. And with Pavithra’s excellent command of Bahasa Malaysia, her videos penetrate all layers of Malaysian society.

A glance through the comment section of her recipe videos is full of praise, not just for her command of Bahasa Malaysia but for her humble and soft-spoken demeanour.

Her humility is especially more evident in her YouTube video where she announces receiving a letter from YouTube indicating that she is now receiving an income from her uploads. In that video, Pavithra can be seen profusely thanking her audience for their support.

If you’re thinking of trying out her recipes, allow us to recommend her ‘kari ayam pencen’, because it looks like some legit Indian home-cooked chicken curry. You can check out the video above, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to her page. And if you want to help her keep generating her income, don’t skip the ads. Cheers, and happy feasting!

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