Vietnamese woman got lucky break after classmates kept taking sneaky pics of her

20 Oct 2020 / 16:50 H.

A Vietnamese woman, Phan Hang, got a lucky break when pictures taken by her classmates went viral.

Phan Hang is currently a Year 2 college student and became famous online for her angelic looks.

She is blessed with looks coveted by many women such as having a high nose bridge, cheekbones, large eyes and a fit body. Her double eyelids and fair skin features are also popular East Asian beauty standards too.

The preoccupation with these beauty features and standards has been criticised by many for being an unattainable measure of beauty for most women.

Her beauty caught many eyes in college and her classmates even took pictures of her during group discussions or giving presentations, which is creepy if you think about it.

Nevertheless, her big break at fame happened when she was secretly photographed during her school’s commencement ceremony.

What happened next was a slew of endorsement deals from well-known fashion and cosmetic brands landing on her lap.

She has since amassed more than 421,000 followers and counting on her Instagram page.

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