Watch exclusive Kpop performances by NU’EST and ONF on JOOX

24 Jun 2020 / 15:03 H.

Come watch NU’EST and ONF, two of the hottest and most captivating Kpop boy bands today, on JOOX’s IDOL STATION, the first-ever JOOX-produced Kpop program!

IDOl STATION is the ultimate dream show for Kpop fans with a roster of emerging Kpop oppas exuding their charms and entertaining fans with exclusive performances and live chat sessions. The live chat sessions come with instant subtitles in English and Chinese just for Malaysian fans too.

Fans get to watch ONF’s dance battle on June 23 tonight and join in Baekho@NU’EST birthday party on July 14, and can show their support and interact with their idols using gifts and coins.

The other idols featured include Bang Si-Hyuk, founder of Big Hit Entertainment and BTS, presents a new show called I-LAND.

Over 20+ international male idol trainees will compete in I-LAND to be the next best Kpop star. An official song performed by one of Korea’s brightest stars IU has premiered on June 19 too. Fortunately for fans, I-LAND will be airing exclusively on JOOX starting in late June!

Watch exclusive Kpop performances by NU’EST and ONF on JOOX

Here’s the schedule so you can mark your calendars!

June 23: ONF’s first dance battle @ 8.30pm

June 30: Meet and greet ONF (30-min live chat sessions) @ 8.30pm

July 14: Meet and greet Baekho@NU’EST (30-min live chat sessions) @ 8.30pm

JOOX is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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