Woman, 21, gets married to 14-year old boy in Cambodia

A CAMBODIAN woman is at the centre of attention of netizens after photos of her marriage to a 14-year-old boy went viral.

The woman, 21, is seven years older than the boy.

A Facebook user said: “Even though they are still young, let’s look to the future. If they love and tolerate each other, they’ll be able to grow old together happily.”

Men were putting themselves up for grabs, after not being able to find a partner.

A translation of a comment reads, “I am a young man, and I am looking for a partner. I will not find a partner.”

Another wrote, “I am a queen, and I don’t have someone to take care of them. I’m so jealous.”

On the other hand, some questioned the legality of the marriage since Cambodia’s legal age to wed is 18.

According to Girls Not Brides, child marriage is prevalent in Cambodia especially in rural areas.

While the legal age to marry is 18, people can tie the knot at 16 to someone who has reached a legal age with the consent of parents or guardians.