Woman assaulted by irate driver for honking at him

18 Dec 2020 / 14:21 H.

On 16 December 2020, a woman was beaten up by an irate driver at a condominium in Taman Desa Petaling and shared her ordeal in a Facebook post.

She was driving towards the condominium car park only to find that the entrance was obstructed by a dark blue Mercedes Benz.

She waited for a few minutes and when the car did not move, she gave a honk to alert the driver in front.

However, the driver of the Mercedes Benz confronted her once she parked her car.

He asked whether she was the one who honked at him. When she admitted that it was her, he grabbed her hair without warning and started laying punches.

Terrified, she ran and hid behind a car while calling her dad. While this was all happening, the irate driver walked away like nothing happened.

Her dad found her bleeding from the mouth and gums, and she was wearing braces. They decided to call the police while the security guard brought the perpetrator down to the carpark.

Woman assaulted by irate driver for honking at him

The perpetrator came down with a chopping knife hidden behind his back, probably as a way of intimidation. He was accompanied by his two sons.

When her dad asked the man why he hit his daughter, the man said, “She deserves the beating because she honked at me.”

He tried to assault her again but was held back by his two sons.

When the police arrived, they made the arrest and took him to Salak Selatan Police Station.

Once the report was made, she was advised to go for a checkup in HUKM. She received a jab of painkiller and underwent an x-ray to rule out concussions.

When they got home, her mum told them that the man’s two sons came over to apologize and pleaded them not to press charges. They also explained that their father reacted because he was stressed.

According to the police, the man can only be charged for assault seeing that he didn’t use the knife as a weapon.

If he’s charged under Section 323 of the Penal Code, he will receive maximum 1 year imprisonment, or maximum RM2,000 fine, or both.

However, the victim said that she’s afraid that the man will get away scot-free because he’s supposedly a Dato, judging by the badge on his car number plate.

Here’s to hoping that she will recover without complications.

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